Multi-genre VA EP Cover Series

This premiere signals the beginning of the music release of Budapest (HU) based label and party organiser crew POTENT.

The main consistent element throughout this VA regardless of the genre, is the groove, dynamical sophistication, and effort and time put into polishing each aspect of these tracks.

The VA will consist of 4 EPs with 5-6 tracks on each, each EP will be released on a biweekly basis with a number of premieres in between each EP, to give the maximum outlook for the artists participating in the release.

The EPs are based on corresponding periodic elements, soundings and colors.

Regarding the visual identity of GENERATIONS VA series I got as much freedom as I would need to develope the cover series.

The EPs main visual elements are the central person with glowing amphibian high-tech mask and deliberate science inspired graphic design. There is an intention to achieve a balance between wildness (unpredictible systems) and solide measures as these music tracks are based on sick beats and sick beats are based on maths.  

I was sure that I wanted to create a powerful figure as the label's name is noting on Power. Therefore I was studying armors of different ages of humanity and nature's powerful defence systems at the level of insects like chitin armor. But because this release is actually  techno I put the emphasis on a fiery bionic creature.

Krypton EP got crimson color and with it the release of the Potent GENERATIONS VA have started.

In my next blog post I will share some

work-in-progress phases of sculpting this hardsurface model in Zbrush.

KRYPTON EP is inspired by Industrial techno and rather harder/distorted sounds.

Premiere on: @purehate000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




Track by: @arees.tch

Artwork by: @ultrabianka

Master by: @aesztetik

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people _with_turqoise_noises 3D animation video

premiered on:

Delving into the Worlds of Ultrabianka

Interview on Electric Artefacts online gallery



A Virtual Audiovisual Experience

18–19–20 November

Future East Festival is an intersecting diverse contemporary music, digital art, architecture and nature festival. The festival aims to create a universe where there are no “other” nations, geneses and ethereal socio-cultural constructs of the Zeitgeist but a celebration for the authentic creativity of artists, especially womxn who are oppressed by heteronormativity.

It presents Live Performances, sound, visual art and media installations on its custom-designed digital platform. The platform features audiovisual experiences where artworks will be

digitally presented as an interactive CGI

in 360° environment with custom VFX. 

Ultrabianka on

Electric Artefacts


24th September 2020 marks the launch of Electric Artefacts, a curated online space dedicated to digital
art. The launch takes place with the opening of the Inaugural Show, a group exhibition presenting
established digital artists and new series of works by emerging talent. Visitors can explore the online
exhibition and have the opportunity to purchase works by participating artists.