people _with_turqoise_noises 3D animation video

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Delving into the Worlds of Ultrabianka

Interview on Electric Artefacts online gallery



A Virtual Audiovisual Experience

18–19–20 November

Future East Festival is an intersecting diverse contemporary music, digital art, architecture and nature festival. The festival aims to create a universe where there are no “other” nations, geneses and ethereal socio-cultural constructs of the Zeitgeist but a celebration for the authentic creativity of artists, especially womxn who are oppressed by heteronormativity.

It presents Live Performances, sound, visual art and media installations on its custom-designed digital platform. The platform features audiovisual experiences where artworks will be

digitally presented as an interactive CGI

in 360° environment with custom VFX. 

Ultrabianka on

Electric Artefacts


24th September 2020 marks the launch of Electric Artefacts, a curated online space dedicated to digital
art. The launch takes place with the opening of the Inaugural Show, a group exhibition presenting
established digital artists and new series of works by emerging talent. Visitors can explore the online
exhibition and have the opportunity to purchase works by participating artists.